l u • c i e e

l u • c i e e is a woman led sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand.

Since 2019 they`ve designed and produced eco-conscious styles carefully crafted from natural materials with a focus on purposeful and clean design, subtle texture and minimal detailing. All confirming femininity, timelessness and minimalism as an integral part of the l u • c i e e framework.

The defining pillar of l u • c i e e is to encourage thoughtful and conscious consumption and to ensure that production is driven by customer demand to reduce over production and garment waste. Equally important is their commitment to uphold heritage craftsmanship and to provide fair and non-negotiated sources of income to the gifted artisan partners they work with, allocate percentage of the profits to young people in Bali in partnership with local NGO's and offset their carbon footprint by planting trees in Indonesian Borneo.

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