With the desire to create gorgeous jewelry pieces for tough and sweet girls - pieces to enhance personal style and expression, Wildthings Collectables was founded in 2016 by Leanne Jacometti and is inspired by art and nature from all over the world.
 With her Indonesian roots and love for Bali, Leanne is designing and sketching her jewelry in Amsterdam and her pieces are then made in Bali. After the design process, each piece is discussed with craftsmen in Bali to ensure the creation of refined jewelry.

Each piece is carefully created by local men and women, artisans with knowledge passed through their families for decades. Wildthings values good working conditions and the health of our craftsmen and women - fair working conditions are ensured - each employee has normal working hours, living wages, benefits and access to childcare.
When it comes to sustainability, all of the silver pieces are made from 100% recycled silver and from 60% recycle brass. All production waste is professionally destroyed so that does not end up in the Balinese nature.


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