Floral Bath Salt Waning Moon
Floral Bath Salt Waning Moon
Floral Bath Salt Waning Moon
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Floral Bath Salt Waning Moon


The waning moon symbolically invites us to let go. Discard everything that we no longer need or that is not good for us - so that we can enter the new cycle freed. This flower bath will help you with that.

"It was very important to me that you can really connect with the symbolism of the respective moon phase. That's why I deliberately chose the right flowers, herbs and essential oils. You also have an intention with you. All of this should accompany you during your little break and do you good. Intention of this fleurs de bain: "I let go.".

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- Content: sea salt, essential oils incense, lavender, sage from organic farming.
- Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 cm
- Design & Production: Fidea Design
- Processing: Social institution & operations of the city of Zurich

The Fleurs de Bain smell wonderful when you open the bag. The intensity of the fragrance is lost in the bath water as the sea salt dissolves. However, the symbolic power of the herbs and blossoms remains. By the way, a salt water bath is good for the skin, stimulates the metabolism and should strengthen the immune system.

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