Grill + Fireplace Tinder
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Grill + Fireplace Tinder


Our upcycling grill lighters & fireplace lighters made from recycled materials - for the sake of the environment

Nothing is thrown away with gaia: the lighting tinder is made from production leftovers from their manufactory. Saturated with their wax blend, the cotton strips are ideal for starting a fire - whether for a barbecue in the garden, in the park or cozy by the fireplace on colder days.

- Material: Organic Cotton, Organic Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Oil, Tree Resin

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Additional Info:
To light the grill or fireplace with the grill starter, simply pile the charcoal or briquettes in the designated refractory (grill/fireplace) into a small pile, adding a few lighters (they can also be divided and reduced as needed). . In short: Take some out of the bag, put them with the fuel, light the strips and enjoy the fire.

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