Kundalini Yoga Activation
SFr. 29.00

Kundalini Yoga Activation

Kundalini Yoga is perfect for anyone who wants to face the challenges of everyday life and feel in harmony with themselves.

"Relaxation and concentration play a major role."

Through various series of exercises (kriyas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), the energy channels (nadis) are stimulated and cleared so that the energy flow in the body can flow freely.


The exercises have a massage-like effect.
They have a stimulating effect on certain body zones, which in turn function as reflex points for various organs.

- Sharper perception and improved concentration and comprehension
- Higher sensitivity to your own well-being and body awareness
- Activation and strengthening of all body systems (cardiac, circulatory, nervous, immune, lymphatic and glandular systems)
- Emotional balance and relaxed handling of everyday challenges
- balances hormones and has a relaxing effect on fears

- 1.5 hour (19:00 - 20:30)
- CHF 29
- Space is very limited.
- We do not have yoga equipment, therefore we kindly ask you to bring your own yoga mat.


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