Loofah Kitchen Sponge Nils
Loofah Kitchen Sponge Nils
Loofah Kitchen Sponge Nils
Loofah Kitchen Sponge Nils
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Loofah Kitchen Sponge Nils


With the gaia kitchen sponge you say goodbye to plastic and hello to pumpkin fibers in your kitchen!

Due to its hard structure, the loofah sponge is perfect as a kitchen or cleaning sponge. Whether washing dishes or scrubbing in the shower: in combination with natural organic cleaning agents, you can use this sponge to get your home clean for a long time. Why? Because the loofah sponge naturally replaces the plastic sponge in your household. Because the latter is often made from petroleum and/or chemically colored. If particles from such a sponge (keyword microplastics!) get into the drain, they also end up in the groundwater or nature. And nobody wants that: r.

- 100% plastic free
- Biodegradable
- Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2cm
- Material: dried, inner part of the luffa plant
- Care Instructions: Depending on how you use it, put your sponge in a vinegar-water mixture (1:2) for 5-10 minutes once or twice a week and then dry it well.
Also possible: wash your sponge in the washing machine at a maximum of 60 degrees (but without fabric softener!) and then dry it well.

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