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Natural Soap With Blue-Black Poppy Seeds
Natural Soap With Blue-Black Poppy Seeds
SFr. 16.00

Natural Soap With Blue-Black Poppy Seeds

Lush, bright pink and sugar-sweet: colorful berry aromas kick off. Subtle nuances of rose and delicate carnation set gentle fragrance accents.
Convince yourself of this natural soap with contained poppy seeds for pure bathing pleasure with a gentle, light peeling effect.
- Handmade natural soap by Melanie C. Tichelli
- Local manufacture with traditional handcrafted saponification process
- Lush foaming 
- No additives
- Particularly mild and moisturizing for a gentle skin care feeling for all skin types
- No palm fat
- Vegan
- Fragrance characteristics: pink, fruity, sweet

- Weight: 100 g
- Durability: 12 Mt

NCI: Olea Europaea Oleate, Cocos Nucifera Oleat, Theobroma Cacao Oleate, Aqua, Parfum, CI 77007


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