Natural Tabacco Soap With Activated Charcoal
Natural Tabacco Soap With Activated Charcoal
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Natural Tabacco Soap With Activated Charcoal

Dense forest and rough rocks in the evening red twilight with gently swaying waves in the fresh spring lake: A polarizing scent of deep notes of pine needles and cedarwood. Black tobacco and green laurel set striking accents with the freshness of bergamot.
Contains activated charcoal for a perfect deep cleansing with a fresh look.

- Handmade natural soap by Melanie C. Tichelli
- Local manufacture with traditional handcrafted saponification process
- Lush foaming 
- No additives
- Particularly mild and moisturizing for a gentle skincare feeling for all skin types
- No palm fat
- Vegan
- Fragrance characteristics: woody-tart and ferny-smoky with a fresh note

- Weight: 100 g
- Durability: 12 Mt

INCI: Olea Europaea Oleat, Cocos Nucifera Oleat, Theobroma Cacao Oleat, Aqua, Parfum, Carbo Activatus


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