Organic Aroma Spray Sweet Dreams Baby
Organic Aroma Spray Sweet Dreams Baby
Organic Aroma Spray Sweet Dreams Baby
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Organic Aroma Spray Sweet Dreams Baby

The subtle, extremely gentle fragrance has a uniquely calming effect and allows children to fall asleep and sleep better. THE novelty! Baby fragrance aroma spray without alcohol can be applied directly to the skin thanks to the mild formulation and gives an uncomplicated feeling of security and relaxation

- uniquely relaxing, sleep-promoting effect
- thanks to valuable plant extracts such as organic lavender and organic vanilla oil
- helps with hyperactivity, nervousness thanks to valuable lemon balm oil
- balancing effect in the defiance phase
- gives anxious children security with enveloping mimosa
- consoles in difficult phases (teething, nightmares, fear of loss)
- ideal travel companion

Spray Sweet Dreams aroma spray around the child's bed, on the pillow, and cozy blanket before sleeping or whenever relaxation is required. For a more intensive effect, spray once gently onto the child's chest.
Tip in the terrible twos phase: to relieve the often tense atmosphere, the Sweet Dreams Spray can be sprayed over the head, so that a fine scent mist envelops the child and soothes it in a gentle way.

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