Rainbow Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid
SFr. 178.00

Rainbow Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid

Here comes the sun... these are the newest crystal grid bases to allow the energy of the crystals to travel out like lightwaves in your environment! Hope they bring bright light to shine into your space.

Original metal prototype was made of wax and metal wire cast to perfection as a base to hand-wrap crystals. 

Harness the power of crystals with these lovely grids. Crystal gridding is a powerful tool to manifest your dreams into reality. An abundance of stones amplifies the energy of each crystal further charged by being placed in a  geometric pattern.  

Activate your grid with intention and positive energy to achieve your goals and tap into the true power of crystals to change your life and make your visions possible. Elevate your everyday and make magic possible by celebrating life’s simple moments with these grids in your environment

Crystal grids are communities of crystals living together to amplify each other. They strengthen themselves by evoking the mantra of, power in numbers.  

This grid is intended to inspire and manifest joy, abundance, love, celebration of life, protection and healing.

Fuchsite - For heart healing, love and mica like sparkle.
Blue Calcite - For tranquility and calm.
Pyrite - For success and luck and golden sparkle with grounding properties.
Clear Quartz - For strength and power. 
Citrine - For joy and abundance like sunshine. 
Rose Quartz - For peace, love, and healing.

- Dimensions- 9-10" diameter



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