Signature Oil Sun
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Signature Oil Sun


Signature oil according to Paracelsus for the sun archetype 

This aromatic oil contains essential oils from selected sun plants such as cardamom, orange, bergamot and frankincense. Applied regularly, it brings harmony and resonance to the body and mind of sunborns. The other archetypes can also benefit from the power of the sun principle. Especially on gray and wet and cold days we can really use an extra portion of warmth and light. A lot of power and solar energy from the south is stored in solar plants. Its spicy scent lifts your spirits, warms and strengthens body and soul. If you are often cold, tired or prone to depressive moods, the sun oil can be a wonderful support for you. Can also be used as a chakra and meditation oil. 

Scent note: spicy-warm.
- Hand-mixed from natural, organic essential oils, without additives such as emulsifiers, colorings and preservatives.
- Use: If necessary and preferably massage a few drops of oil on the soles of your feet and/or the solar plexus chakra in the evening before going to bed.
- 50 ml
A turbidity of the oil as well as a deposit is natural and does not affect the quality. Please shake the bottle vigorously before use. Can be kept for up to a year after opening. Protect from sunlight. 

Please note: For external use only and not suitable for children under 6 years of age. Do not use during pregnancy. 

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