The Neultralizing Coffee Soap
The Neultralizing Coffee Soap
The Neultralizing Coffee Soap
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The Neultralizing Coffee Soap

The fragrance-neutralizing hand soap for every culinary artist!
Roasted coffee beans and distinctive espresso are the fragrance actors here. Vanilla aromas give a velvety aroma texture: irresistible and delicious at the same time!
The ground coffee contained not only provides a gentle peeling effect but also helps to neutralize smells from the kitchen (such as those of onions) on the hands.
Extra tip: This soap can be combined in an original way with a packet of fine coffee and aromatic biscotti: A great souvenir for every invitation!
Or how about a grill set made with this coffee soap?
- Handmade natural soap by Melanie Caroline Tichelli
- Local manufacture with traditional handcrafted saponification process
- Lush foaming 
- No additives
- Particularly mild and moisturizing for a gentle skin care feeling for all skin types
 - A perfect kitchen utensil with odor-neutralizing properties. Odors that stick to your hands while cooking are effortlessly removed using this soap.
- No palm fat
- Vegan
- Fragrance characteristics: earthy, fruity, sweet

- Weight: 100 g
- Durability: 12 Mt

INCI: Olea Europaea Oleate, Cocos Nucifera Oleat, Theobroma Cacao Oleate, Aqua, Coffea Arabica Fruit Powder, Parfum

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