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Day Dreamer Christmas Gift Set + Wrapping
Take Care Christmas Gift Set + Wrapping
Floweret Christmas Gift Set + Wrapping

sun + her

Sustainable fashion + lifestyle brand. Handmade in our small studio in Lithuania.


Bathing Rituals

Grounding Body Oil

love your body

Botanical Bath Tea

connect with the lunar cycle

Cosmic Glow

botanical face mask

Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
Lunar Bathing Set
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SFr. 147.00

Lunar Bathing Set


Each of the four monthly lunar phases evokes different elements within and around us, and uniquely affects our health and well-being. That's why Moon Bath created a different Botanical Bath Tea to correspond to each phase of the moon — New, Waxing, Full and Waning. Bathe weekly with the Bath Tea that corresponds to the moon's current phase for the most potent physical and energetic benefits.

This set includes one New Moon Bath Tea, one Waxing Moon Bath Tea, one Full Moon Bath Tea, one Waning Moon Bath Tea, one Milk & Honey Infused Salt + 2021 Lunar Calendar.


Tess Guinery


sustainable fashion

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ethically-produced + handmade items

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Ethically-sourced + organic ingredients

The Best Essential oil diffuser blends

sun + cleanse

Mango LIP

natural mango flavouring

Our favorite crystal-infused elixir

for all the lovers

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