New Gift Sets Are Here...

We've put together a few gift sets for you to make throwing together special (and beautiful) memories a breeze. With OVO Things and their golden beeswax candles and handmade candle holders, you can create warm table atmospheres for special gatherings and celebrations - or to make everyday feel a little more magical... 

The Advent Wreath Set

Create a beautiful and special Advent Wreath or festive table setting with the Small Big Candles from Ovo Things - with a complimentary 4th candle from us. The candles are handmade in Lithuania from local farmers' beeswax, they are natural and non-toxic, no artificial colour or scent is added <3

The Tablescape Set
More than just beautiful photos, the popular "tablescape" is a way to create beautiful atmospheres, moments and memories. In this set you can choose between a durable hand-sewn linen tablecloth in grey or sand to pair with the Oak Candleholder and a set of elegant 100% beeswax Dinner Candles. 
The Holiday Set
The perfect little gift to yourself or a friend - The large Canele porcelain candleholder and Ovo's special Christmas Candles with colourful festive wicks. 

The Celebration Set
Our Celebration Set is for making life a little more beautiful and joyful - The Cake Jewelry is made of dried edible flowers (marigold, mallow, jasmine and peony) and turns any cake in to a beauty. And for added warmth, your choice between the grey or white matte porcelain candleholder to pair with Ovo's 100% beeswax Birthday Candles with colourful festive cotton wicks. 
The Tea Time Set
The tea time set is perfect for creating a beautiful ritual or intimate gathering. The decorative herb crown is made from herbs growing locally in Lithuania which were carefully hand picked, tied and dried into tisane wreaths. Decorate the moment with the beautiful handmade green Canele candleholder and finish with the warm glow from Ovo's 100% beeswax candles. 

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