Meet the Brand | Yael Anders

A Few Quick Questions w/ Yael...

1. Favourite music? Sade
2. Morning rituals? Coffee and Newspaper in bed
3. Favourite drinks? Natural Wine
4. Favourite act of self-care? Reflecting
5. We'd never catch you w/o? My agenda from my collection
6. Guilty pleasure? Mayo (vegan though!)
7. Favourite designer? Many!
8. You'll never get tired of? Forming new projects!
9. Current state of mind? Inspired
10. Where would you like to live for a year? Copenhagen!
11. Watching? Auf und Davon
12. Greatest extravagance? My /quite fancy bike
13. Most treasured posession? My corbusier chair from grandparents (designed by Charlotte Perriand)
14. Talent you'd most like to have? Not doing anything for awhile...
15. Favourite way to relax? Swiss alps mountain cottage or countryside in Sweden
16. Vintage or new? Best of both worlds...just like in the analog/digital topic


We love unique handmade items and we quickly fell in love with the ceramic vases by Zurich based, Yael Anders. Each vase is handmade and painted by Yael in her beautiful studio along the Limmat River...

Her collection, "UNSEEN", includes porcelain vessels for tea, coffee, plants, etc.. The objects play elegantly with contrasts: clear, minimalist shapes meet intuitively created lines and organic patterns. Pure porcelain white contrasts with anthracite tones and platinum gold. Individual glazes and hand-painting turn the originally serially cast and standardised object into a unique piece and experience for your interior. 

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