Ceremony Matcha

Ceremony is serving you matcha realness, with authentic, sustainably sourced matcha powder from Japan. Ceremony believes in making fair trade, high quality matcha accessible and easy to prepare, so you can reap all the health benefits of matcha while preserving an ancient (and very tasty) Japanese tradition. Sourced directly from Uji, the matcha is 100% organic and offers a calming and uplifting alternative to your daily caffeine fix.

When Ceremony founder Carolin realized coffee had been giving her nervous jitters, she was determined to find a satisfying alternative. After her first beautiful bright green matcha latte, she was hooked. Over time Carolin began to experience the incredible effects of the tea first hand; calmed nerves, fewer stomach problems, no afternoon crashes, and better focus. Since then, she’s been on a mission to make the health benefits of matcha more accessible, and highlight matcha as a great option for a delicious daily pick-me-up.

By providing a sustainable top-grade matcha powder that is convenient to prepare anywhere, Ceremony is preserving old world traditions for the future of our new world.

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