Les Solides

Les Solides was established in 2017 by Anna Z’brun, a swiss based designer. Les Solides creates timeless pieces that remain outside the seasonal demands of the fashion industry. Inspired by nature, people and craftsmanship, all of their products are produced locally in bali and their vision is to preserve the traditional craftsmanship and to build sustainable and personal relationships with their producers.

Anna sees her label as a counterpoint to mass consumption and fast pace, she relies on minimal and timeless design. Far from binary gender roles, their designs work for everyone. Her hope is that the the jewelry should become a personal favorite, that accompanies you and ages with you. Quality therefore comes first.

More than just a brand, Les solides aims to inspire a mindful and purposeful way of living. with pieces for you, whoever you choose to be. To cherish craftsmanship by recognising that there is a human being behind every handmade product which makes every piece unique. Les solides aims to make timeless products reflecting quality & attention to detail and combines the highest standards of design, aesthetics, simplicity, functionality & durability to create perfect harmony. 

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