Sanbera is a swiss brand fascinated by the wondrous power of fresh air, healthy nutrition, exercise and a balanced life. They believe that with our hectic society, our own health can often be neglected and wanted to find a solution that fits particularly harmoniously in to an ambitious life. Sanbera found the answer in the cycles of nature...herbal supplements for daily use, made in Switzerland and individually tailored to him and her.

Body and mind naturally want to perform at their best. When cells need vitamins, minerals or antioxidants to do this, they are transported there by the circulatory system at any time and instantaneously. So that the circulatory system always has everything it needs in stock, they extract and combine the most important vital substances from the highest quality plants and fruits and pack them in a form that the body can absorb immediately and completely.

Sanbera's own "dual-phase recipe" with special portions for the day and those for the night was created by an expert team of leading nutritionists, naturopaths and doctors. Well-dosed natural power slumbers in every tablet, which optimally supplies the entire organism for 24 hours.

Sanbera is the leading, 100% Swiss-made premium brand for herbal dual-phase nutritional supplements. They encourage the spread of self-love worldwide with natural, pure and reliable tools that work deeply in every body, day and night.

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