Signature Oil Moon
SFr. 39.00

Signature Oil Moon

This aromatic oil contains essential oils from selected moon plants, such as jasmine, patchouli and vanilla. Applied regularly, it brings the body and mind of the moon-born into harmony and resonance.
If necessary and preferably in the evening before going to bed, massage a few drops of oil onto the soles of the feet and / or the solar plexus.
We also recommend this oil to women (regardless of the signature) who want to increase their fertility or who suffer from listlessness or irregular and painful menstrual bleeding. Lunar plants can also support us to live our sensitive and vulnerable sides (typical lunar aspects of fertility, reproduction, sensitivity).

- Fragrance note: Spicy and warm
- 50ml

Please note: all aromatic oils are produced without additives such as emulsifiers, colorings and preservatives. Some essential oils can cause cloudiness and sometimes form a deposit on the bottom of the bottle. This is natural and does not affect the quality. Please shake the bottle vigorously before use.

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