Clear Quartz Yoni Wand
SFr. 210.00

Clear Quartz Yoni Wand


Clear quartz, or rock crystal, is a particularly healing, balancing, and strengthening crystal that balances the nervous system and connects the body, mind, and soul.

- It absorbs, regulates, and releases stagnant energies in the body. Clear Quartz is a wonderful crystal to bring clarity.
- The Clear Quartz Wand can help you heal past trauma, so you can restore confidence in your own sexuality and follow your sexual instincts without any shame or guilt.
- The Clear Quartz also absorbs negative energies of all kinds and cleanses you on all levels. It is an especially valuable crystal for manifestations and intentions, because it has a strengthening effect of energies. This helps to strengthen the sexual energy in the yoni and to expand it throughout the body.
- Size: 17.5cm length, 4.00cm width at the end and 2.20cm width at the top.

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