Coconut Kitchen Sponge Finn
Coconut Kitchen Sponge Finn
Coconut Kitchen Sponge Finn
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Coconut Kitchen Sponge Finn


The gaia coconut fiber sponge - a plastic-free natural sponge for stubborn dirt.

The coconut fiber sponge is pure upcycling, because normally the fibers of the coconut end up in the garbage during the production of coconut oil and co.

We take it into our kitchen and bathroom instead. You can use it to wash dishes and scrub away the nastiest crust or limescale deposits. The sponge is 100% plastic-free and replaces steel wool and a plastic sponge at home.

- 100% plastic free
- Biodegradable
- Size: 7.5cm x 10.5cm x 0.5cm
- Material: dried fibers of the coconut shell natural rubber
- Care Instructions: Depending on how you use it, put your sponge in a vinegar-water mixture (1:2) for 5-10 minutes once or twice a week and then dry it well. Also possible: wash your sponge in a washing bag in the washing machine (up to 2 times possible) at a maximum of 60 degrees (but without fabric softener!) and then dry it well.

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Additional Info:
Use your gaia coconut fiber sponge when rinsing off in combination with organic washing-up liquid or when cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. Since a lot of bacteria and dirt are absorbed by the sponge during the cleaning process, you can get it clean again very easily with a vinegar-water bath.

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