Smocky Quartz Yoni Wand
SFr. 220.00

Smocky Quartz Yoni Wand


The Smoky Quartz Yoni Wand comes in various shades of brown and black and is associated with the lower chakras: the root and sexual chakra. Here the Smoky Quartz unfolds its protective and strong grounding energies best.

- Especially in stressful times, the Smoky Quartz Yoni Wand has a calming effect so that you can cultivate more serenity in your being. On a psychological level, Smoky Quartz can help to relieve anxiety and melancholy to bring your inner system back into a tranquil balance.  Since Smoky Quartz absorbs and neutralizes negative energies, it invites you to leave everything that no longer serves you behind.  On a mental level, Smoky Quartz supports positive, pragmatic thoughts and can thus help to neutralize self-doubt and fear of failure. 
- The Smoky Quartz is perfectly suited as a Yoni Wand, because the qualities of the crystal strengthen the acceptance of the physical body and the sexual nature. The increased self-confidence allows the sexual energies in the first and second chakra to flow passionately and freely. Leave old feelings of shame and guilt behind and open yourself to your lustful, calm and self-confident naturalness.
- Size: 19.00cm length, 4.00cm width at the end, and 2.20cm width at the tip.

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