Yoni Egg Obsidian
Yoni Egg Obsidian
Yoni Egg Obsidian
Yoni Egg Obsidian
SFr. 59.90

Yoni Egg Obsidian

The strong energy of the obsidian, a volcanic lava rock, is attributed to the elements in the powerful formation: earth, water and fire.
Obsidian is a stone you can't hide from, and it should be worn with great awareness, also known as the Stone of Truth because it brings out oppressed and unconscious dark sides: trauma, limits, deceptions, and unconscious thoughts - and behavioral patterns.
If you want to cleanse yourself of negative energies, transform yourself and manifest more truth and authenticity, Obsidian is the stone for you.
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Please note: All of Yoni Eggs come with a Yoni Egg String (cord).


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